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Mercedes Platz: Play the Plaza

Mobile picture puzzle browser game at the Mercedes Plaza

The Mercedes Plaza in Berlin is a vibrant area with a lot to discover. Remember Where-is-Waldo? This has the same mechanics but includes several unexpected stories: Look for a poor Swabian hipster’s lost vegan Maultäschle, or help arrange a meeting between Justin Bieber fans and a death metal band! Daily prizes attracted lots of customers which helped gain traffic and insights.

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Game and machine come as a bundle

Of course it depends on the nature of the game, how many machines you order and how crazy it all sounds (the crazier, the better).

Ask us for references, cases and renting options.

We work with high safety and eco standards and produce everything to last a long time. If someone gets extremely "involved" with a machine, we can fix or replace any part.

Machines can be adjusted for any need or body.