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Das Durchstarter-Game

Browser game containing numerous mini games

For the Ministry of Economics and the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we created 15 mini games bundled into an overarching storyline. Each mini game features a job and ends with detailed info about earnings, ups and downs. Perfect for kids to learn about the eeeendless possibilities of being a grown-up (Run! It’s a trap!!).

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Game and machine come as a bundle

Of course it depends on the nature of the game, how many machines you order and how crazy it all sounds (the crazier, the better).

Ask us for references, cases and renting options.

We work with high safety and eco standards and produce everything to last a long time. If someone gets extremely "involved" with a machine, we can fix or replace any part.

Machines can be adjusted for any need or body.