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Games – holy moly, we made
a lot and want to brag about them.

If Italian plumbers can be game-heroes, so can anyone and anything!

We love coming up with solutions for your mission, product, purpose or service.

Aim for the stars, shoot for the starts.
With a pump gun bazooka.


Snackable content, just one click away: Browser games are our speciality!
As a mighty tool, a browser game can let your users experience a journey, throw them in an escape room or offer an animated clip as a point-and-learn story.


Endless possibilities, no limitation:
iOS, Windows, Mac, Android.
Install and play!
For perfect performance and seamless integration of video and game, an easy-install game is the weapon of choice.


Experience the feeling of clicking buttons and dancing joysticks!
We not only produce games, but also teamed up with hardware friends for real arcade machines. The machines are easy to transport, have a plug-and-play solution and can be customized. Oh, and of course we create the right game for every occasion.


Facefilters, visualizations, walk-throughs, training, VR experiences
There are so many possibilities, the buzzing industry can't keep up! Ask us, we will be happy to discuss your needs and help you with your task.


Game and machine come as a bundle

Of course it depends on the nature of the game, how many machines you order and how crazy it all sounds (the crazier, the better).

Ask us for references, cases and renting options.

We work with high safety and eco standards and produce everything to last a long time. If someone gets extremely "involved" with a machine, we can fix or replace any part.

Machines can be adjusted for any need or body.